We are a software company specialized in software solutions making technical equipment more approachable. At this moment we provide two solutions.

  • Tombacat User Manager: managing user data in a Mikrotik or a Wandy hotspot environment
  • Tombacat Power Manager: managing remote powerplugs in a Plugwise intelligent powergrid

You can find more information related to TUM (Tombacat User Manager) on this site. For PMS (Tombacat Power Manager) you can contact us via the contact form. Via the key request form Wandy dealers can request for license keys. On request a demo version of TUM can be downloaded. Be aware that this is only usefull when you are using Wandy or Mikrotik hardware. We don not support other types of hardware at this moment.

We are also working on new projects. You can read about these on www.web-fotos.com but we do not provide any support or documentation on these projects.


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